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Verify a pharmacy is a non-profit organization that was formed for the express purpose of giving the public worldwide knowledge of which online pharmacies are licensed and regulated.

Our sole purpose is to keep you safe with the knowledge that the medications you are purchasing are real and not produced in someone’s bathtub, or in worse places that you do not want to know about.

We will verify any internet pharmacy that wants to be verified.

Our verifications verify that the pharmacy is licensed and using medications as provided by the licensed pharmaceutical companies. We verify who the owners are and we also verify their locations. We do our verifications using govermental agencies and licensed private investigators located in their repsective countries.

What regulation means is the governmental agency that issued the pharmacy license does regular visits to verify that the medications you sell are real. They verify that you have prescriptions on medications that require them. They also make sure everything else is in order.

These governmental agencies have the power to arrest individuals and close down a pharmacy that does not conform to the laws of the country that issued their license.

We own licensed pharmacies, however we are not here to promote our pharmacies, nor are we here to promote anyone else’s pharmacies. We are not here to sell you anything!

We formed our non-profit association because what exist as a verification service for online pharmacies is mostly corrupt and unreliable. The other companies have hidden agendas or they give false and misleading informaiton.

In the case of they will try and sell you medications with their price listings. Mr. John Horton from claims on his web page that PharmacyChecker is also engaged in the illegal drug importation. We do not know if this statement is true or not.

HOWEVER, in the case of it is WORSE!Their founder John Horton same guy as above, has a hidden agenda of protecting United States pharmacies over the rest of the world.

According to this nut, any pharmacy that is licensed and regulated outside of the United States is considered to be a rogue pharmacy. This individual has no clue what a ROGUE pharmacy really is.

It is sad that this individual is so ignorant as to the rest of the world.

This nut also claims that he does investigative reports yet he is not a licensed private investigator. In the United States each state has a licensing board that issues licenses to private investigators.

Private investigators are licensed to do investigations for companies and individuals. Every state has a policy for enforcement of unlicense activity relating to private investigators of which they activily prosecute those who violate their laws.

Horton is nothing more than a self-appointed law enforcement officer who is in fact, not authorized by any governmental agency to be a law enforcement officer. He is what we call a FAKE.

His sole purpose is making a profit off of licensed pharmacies that really do not need his services.

This nut lists various associations such as the "National Association of Board of Pharmacy" on his web site to give legitimacy to his web site. If anything that hurts that association's reputation before the public.

The problem is the "National Association of Board of Pharmacy" is an "association" and is not part of any governmental agency that represents the United States Government, nor that of any State Government. Most importantly, it is not a licensing board.

This association is nothing more than a professional membership organization of which a license pharmacy is not required to join. Some associations are very good as they teach you everything you as a professional needs to know.

As an example, being a member of the American Bar Association does not make you an attorney, nor does it allow you to practice law.

Horton is a disgruntled ex U.S. government employee who was in fact terminated from his job where he worked in the Bush administation in National Drug Control Policy.

Horton was also involved in a Goverment Ethics violation.
Please see:
Congressional Request for Investigation

Horton has alligned himself up with a website called "The Web of Trust" also known as WOT or  

We purposely didn’t put in the link to this website due to the fact that they have a lot of viruses and malware that will damage your computer. You can go to their site if you wish, however if your computer goes nuts, please do not blame us.

WOT and Horton has been using convicted criminals to bad rate web sites where these individuals have many user accounts. They will try and sell you one of their web trust programs. Their web site is full of virus such as the Blackhole Exploit Kit Detection.

In short, they can gain access to your computer and steal your private information to other criminals. Please beware! For more information, please visit these websites and read about them:

Criminals in control of Web of Trust aka WOT
Web of Trust Scam
Web of Trust can’t be trusted!
Web of Trust on RIPOFF Report

Here you have convicted criminals using many accounts in phony names running a website that makes ratings on other sites.

It is like having a child molester running a children's playground without adult supervision!

Licensed pharmacies in the United States really do not need a service like so because the various States licensing agencies have online services which are free.

If you are in the United States and you want to check out your local pharmacy then go to: Pharmacy license lookup as they will connect you online to each states pharmacy licensing board where you can verify if a specific pharmacy is licensed. For the states that do not have online services they can be contacted via telephone for verification.

Is there a need for pharmacy verification outside of the United States?

The answer is YES!

There is no question that medications outside of the United States are cheaper in price. However it is important to know the problems in purchasing from unknown sources who claim they are licensed and of which they sell fake medications.

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. What that means is 190 countries currently supply law enforcement and prosecutors to aid and assist Interpol in arresting and prosecuting bad people worldwide.

They are very active in going after individuals and organizations that engage in selling fake medicines, or who claim they are licensed as a pharmacy when in fact, they are not.

Everyone should support Interpol as they really do a wonderful job protecting us against these bad people. Their web site is located at: Interpol Pharmacy Investigations

Counterfeit products are harmful and can even be fatal.

Fake medicines range from useless to highly dangerous. They often contain the wrong level of active ingredient – too little, too much or none at all – or an active ingredient intended for a different purpose. In some cases, fake medicines have been found to contain highly toxic substances such as rat poison. In all these scenarios, the person taking the counterfeit medicine is putting their health, even their life, at risk.

The Russians and Chinese mafia runs lots of pharmacy web sites of which they represent to the general public that they are licensed when in fact they are not. In most cases, they are the manufactures of these illegal and dangerous so called medications.

You can spot most of these web sites because they do the following:

a) They never list their address;
b) They will never tell you who their government licensing body     is;
c) They will never tell you how to contact the licensing authority, nor will they give you their license number;
d) Some will have web addresses like once you click onto them will forward you to a web address that is located in Russia, China, India, or Pakistan.

Don't be fooled!

Most of these illegal pharmacies use 800 numbers or other types of toll free numbers.

Toll free numbers are easy to purchase online and can be forwarded anywhere in the world.

You may think you are talking to someone in the United States when in fact, the person you are talking to is really in Russia or in China.

Many persons located in these countries can speak English as well as you do and they sound just like your next store neighbor.

A licensed pharmacy will always give you their main telephone number and their address. Further, they will give you their license number, the name, address and phone number of their respective government regulatory agency.

The purpose of a regulatory body is to protect the citizens of a given country. We are located in Mexico and our Pharmacies each receive a visit from the Mexican Department of Health (Secretaría de Salud) at least twice a week. That is how serious the Mexican government takes the health of its citizen into consideration.

Mexican licensed pharmacies are only allowed to purchase medications that have been approved by the Mexican Government once they have been fully tested in the Government laboratories.

We have found that many countries have the same type of requirements as Mexico, however many people like yourself, do not know how, or where to verify this information. That is where we come into play, as we will verify the owners of a specific pharmacy. We will verify that they are in fact licensed and we will verify their locations. We will further verify whom they are purchasing their medications from.

When we find illegal pharmacies we immediately report them to Interpol for prosecution. No one needs to die because some nut wants to make money.

Never play with your life by taking medications that are unsafe just to save a dollar. CHECKOUT who you are doing business with prior to taking something that can kill you.

There are many good pharmacies around the world that offer a very high standard of excellence using only medications that are authorized and approved by their respective countries.

It was never our desire to be a pharmacy verification service, as we own 43 licensed and regulated pharmacies in Mexico.

We find that it is our moral duty to assist the public in knowing who is real and who is not consequently, since all the so called pharmacy verification services are corrupt in one form or another. Thus we have taken on this duty.

We are in hopes that INTERPOL or some other valid goverment agency will take over this duty from us at some point and time.

We all live on this planet and it is our duty to help others.

Lic. Gerardo Suarez

Why get Verified?

    Your customers will know they are doing business with a licensed pharmacy that only sells real medications

Our Services


We will verify any online pharmacy that wants to be verified. In order to be verified we will need the following items from you:

A Copy of your license including the name, address and telephone number of the governmental agency that issued your license.

A copy of each owners Goverment Photo ID.

A Copy of a Utility Bill for each owner showing their respective residences.

Copies of invoices for the products you purchase from the authoized pharmaceutical companies.

We are currently working on our web pages so please understand.

Our only goal is to inform you of the truth and start you on your own Due Diligence in order to make the correct decisions!